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Opus Support & Maintenance is just a phone call away – Call us on 023 8025 3399.

Ugot Smart Integration is the only company in the UK still dealing with Opus on a daily basis. We have stock of some of the key spare parts for the range of Opus systems and so we can support you and keep your system running.

If you have Opus 300, Opus 500 or Opus 6 then we can generally offer both expertise in resolving any issues and parts and engineering support for hardware problems.

The most common problem with Opus 500 and Opus 6 is either; power failure on the MCU610 or one or more of the DZM20 or DZM100 amplifiers failing. We can normally repair the MCU610 and we have stock that we can use to replace your faulty DZM20 & DZM100units. MCU500 and MCU300’s need to be assessed. If you have lost sound in one of your Opus rooms please call us on 023 8025 3399. If you have strange sound, echoing, or distortion then again, please call us on the number above.

As experts in Opus support & maintenance…

…we can diagnose most problems over the phone but we also offer to come and diagnose and resolve (usually) the problem at your home. Of course there are some issues that require further work and we will provide you with a quote for any work that we need to undertake.

Conveniently located in Hampshire between Southampton and Winchester, Ugot Smart Integtration is ideally positioned to provide Opus Support & Maintenance across the range including; Opus Octopus, Opus 300, Opus 500 or Opus 6 Series systems. We cover the entire South of England and farther afield as required so please call us for help.